Veterinary Imaging: an interdisciplinary infrastructure at the University of Copenhagen
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The Unit

The veterinary imaging unit at the faculty Health Sciences, Copenhagen University uses modern medical imaging equipment for clinical diagnosis, research and teaching.  It is staffed by five professional and three technical staff. 

Research collaborations are actively encouraged, and interested parties are asked to contact us to discuss needs. 

We have a special interest in quantification aspects of imaging which are particularly helpful in data generation for research projects.   

The unit is situated primarily at Copenhagen University’s Frederiksberg campus but has some of its facilities at the University Hospital for Large Animals in Taastrup. 

Arrangements with the unit can be at the level of co-applicants on research grants, collaborators in existing projects or as contract researchers.  The charge structure will vary depending on the nature of the research relationship, but in all cases has to cover time charges for the personnel and equipment used. 

Equipment available includes a Digtal Radiography, Ultrasound (LOGIQ E10, General Electric), DEXA (Lunar, General Electric), Computed Tomography ( Emotion, Siemens), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Siemens, 1.5 Tesla), Planar scintigraphy and SPECT (Philips Medical).  

Services provided include interpretation of veterinary medical (including research) images, image analysis and technical assistance

Recent publications
from the unit

Deep transfer learning can be used for the detection of hip joints in pelvis radiographs and the classification of their hip dysplasia status. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound, 2021 Vol 32(4):387-393

Collimation and Exposure Parameter Influence Image Quality and Potential Radiation Dose to the Eye Lens of Personnel in Computed Radiography of the Canine Pelvis. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2021 Vol 8:2297-1769.

Digital Analysis of Subtrochlear Sclerosis in Elbows Submitted for Dysplasia Screening. Frontiers in Veterinary Science (2021) Vol 8:2297-1769.

Quantifying the variability between multiple multiplanar reconstructions of computed tomography scans. BMC biomedical engineering (2021), Vol 3:2524-4426.



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